As a firm specializing in helping troubled and under-performing companies revitalize their businesses and return to profitability, the New Growth Advisors’ team knows the importance of always monitoring their company’s own performance, and was quick to shift gears when they realized they weren’t getting as much new business as they had in the past.

Boom was brought in to triage the situation with a fresh, modern marketing strategy which included completely rebranding the 20-year-old company, setting up and managing their social media and creating bold, out of the box collateral materials. The results were instantaneous and impactful, bringing NGA back into the game in a big way!

The homepage of the NGA website was designed to channel a financial growth chart, and is unique to the industry in every way, helping the company stand out amongst its competitors as a more progressive, contemporary alternative to the old school firms that approach every challenge the same way. The logo went from a more complicated plant with roots and dirt, to a simplified leaf that fits within a fresh, updated font, helping the colors and design pop. A creative use of simple, die cut shapes make up the company’s new brochure, which flips to reveal a short and pointed message on each page.

“I started to notice that we weren’t getting as much new business as we had in the past. Boom overhauled my branding, updated my website and showed me the power of social media. I was finally able to bring my business into a new era and my results improved immeasurably!” Sumner Saeks, CEO, New Growth Advisors.

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