Manuel D. Mayerson, Founder of The Mayerson Company, was known as an innovator who developed some of Cincinnati’s first indoor retail centers and was among the first to understand the impact that the interstate highway system would have on real estate development. Simply put, he saw possibilities that other people couldn’t see. He cared about quality and integrity and most importantly, bringing value to people’s lives. Today, nearly eight decades later, The Mayerson Company continues to be a strong force in the commercial real estate arena, and is still driven by Manuel (Manny) Mayerson’s spirit of innovation, engagement and superior customer service.

When Mayerson Company Vice President, and Manny’s grandson, approached Boom to develop the company’s first ever stand-alone website, he was adamant that it portray a visually modern aesthetic while adhering to the company’s rich history and tradition. Boom was also charged with modernizing the logo, originally created by Manny Mayerson in 1949, and creating an identity system, including business cards, letterhead and more. Boom was honored to have been chosen from among many other agencies to help The Mayerson Company carry forward their time honored brand and story.