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Scene75 is the largest indoor entertainment center in the country. Since 2012, this family-owned company has rapidly expanded into five locations and has been dedicated to supporting the communities in which it does business through generous charitable donations, fundraisers and special projects.

BOOM! was brought in to help Scene75 increase awareness for a give back program they had recently started whereby $1 is donated to the Foodbank Dayton for each person who rides Scene75’s most popular attraction, a massive 35 foot Drop Tower.

After an initial assessment, our team realized the potential that a more overarching approach to Scene75’s philanthropic work would have.  As such, we created a strategy that included a program called, Scene75 Shares, designed to operationalize the charitable arm of the company and open up more avenues for meaningful giving on the part of Scene75 and its hundreds of thousands of customers.

As part of this program, we developed Scene75 Giveback Bucks, a fully automated system in which a portion of each sale goes to  benefit one of a variety of participating non-profit organizations.  The plan also called for working with several regional and national charitable organizations across all five locations to take advantage of economies of scale and leverage the Scene75 platform for doing good.  This led to a specialized marketing plan for a loyalty and rewards program that incorporated social media and other avenues for increasing revenue streams.

The strategy also called for a series of special awareness building events. The first one we created was designed to complement the Drop Tower donation program, benefitting the Foodbank Dayton, which we called: Stop, Drop and Do Good.  This event was aimed at giving families an opportunity to enjoy a free, action packed day of fun, games, and a chance to give back by packing produce for people in the Greater Dayton area experiencing food insecurity.