Political campaigns have taken patriotic branding to a whole new level of “Red, White and Boring!” How do you help a candidate stand out amongst a flurry of flags, and photos of candidates in standard issue blue suits? How do you cut through the stacks of direct mail pieces, the “yard sign cities” that crop up at every street corner before an election, and the meaningless slogans that adorn every T-shirt you see around town? It isn’t easy!

When Sara Bitter decided to run for State Senate, she knew she’d have a big uphill battle, most notably because 75% of the people in her district happen to identify with the opposing party. She needed a way to make a statement and get voters to meaningfully engage with her message.

The challenge was creating an instantly recognizable logo that would sum up Sara’s message into one simple, yet effective, graphic statement. First, colors had to be carefully considered. Boom conducted a detailed analysis to determine which combination could be seen from far away, stand out against all the red, white and blue, and not blend into the fall foliage when the campaign would be at its peak. Then there was the matter of taking Sara’s promise to bring the voice of the people to Columbus, and turning it into a strong and memorable logo.

Boom developed Sara’s brand strategy, designed her identity system, website, collateral materials, direct mail pieces, digital marketing, yard signs and promotional pieces including T-shirts, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, balloons and more. In addition Boom managed all of her social media, planned her launch party, wrote copy and interfaced with volunteers, political advisors and others to help make Sara Bitter a strong contender for the Senate seat!

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